I specialize in indoor flights,

especially in places linked to the art:

art galleries, museums, architectural spaces, fairs, churches, cathedrals, art installations, statues, monuments…

Mini and Micro Drones for indoor shooting

The cinewhoop is a new type of FPV drone.
It has the characteristics of freestyle drones such as speed, agility, maneuverability
but with reduced dimensions (22cm x 22cm) and protected propellers.
It’s a drone created to fly indoor, very close to people and objects in total safety.

The flight is very fluid and fast, like a bird, very different from the rigid flight of the usual video drones, such as DJI.

Cinewhoop can fly through doors, windows, small spaces, architectural structures, around statues and installations.
The drone can follow a person, a bicycle, a motorcycle or a car.
Cinewhoop is a new point of view.

Customized drones for demanding clients and special jobs.

I can design and assemble drones according to the needs of the client and the work required.
I always use electronic components of the highest quality.